Poly Silk charmeuse Satin Woven piece dyed TP10366

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Cloth is commonly used in decorative materials. Including chemical fiber carpet, non-woven wall cloth, linen, nylon cloth, colored tape, flannel and other fabrics. Fabric plays a considerable role in decoration and display, and is often the main force that cannot be ignored in the whole sales space. A large number of fabrics are used for wall decoration, partition and background treatment, which can also form a good display style of commercial space.

Weaving Methods

Weaving methods can be divided into two categories: woven fabrics and knitted fabrics. In terms of processing technology, it can be divided into grey cloth, bleached cloth, dyed cloth, printed cloth, yarn dyed cloth, mixed process cloth (such as printing on yarn dyed cloth, composite cloth, flocked cloth, imitation leather wool cloth), etc. It can also be divided into raw materials: cotton, chemical fiber cloth, linen, woolen cloth, silk, and blended fabrics.

The raw material is the fabric woven from mulberry silk. Weaving methods include knitting and shuttle weaving. Generally speaking, for woven fabrics, mulberry silk fabrics mainly refer to warp and weft yarns that are woven by mulberry silk. There are also warp yarns that are mulberry silk and weft yarns that are cotton, such as silk cotton spinning and yarn spinning.

Mulberry silk fabrics are divided into eight categories: spinning, wrinkle, leno, damask, satin, silk, tweed and silk.

Another common silk fabric is tussah silk. Tussah is a wild silkworm growing on Tussah trees, which is not domesticated like silkworm. Tussah trees grow in the northeast. Because the silk is thick and uneven, the fabric is rough and crazy. The output is small and the price is slightly expensive.

Test Method

The most direct test method of mulberry silk fabric is burning. Because it is a protein component, the burning taste is singeing and smelling, and the black particles formed after burning are loose, while spinning silk fabric is very hard pimple, and the taste is the burning taste of plast.

width57/58" 57/58"
Type Woven
Use Garment Blouse;Dress
Certificate Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Construction 75D/36F FDY*150D/96FDTY+40DSP
Weight 155gsm
Density contact us
Art.no TP10366
MOQ 100M for sample order,1100Mper colour and 3000M per order
CF 3-4 grade
Roll Size about 100M per roll
Sample for free
Color Make l/dips first

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