Ahcof in the 131th Canton Fair

Ahcof in the 131th Canton Fair

The 131th Canton Fair officially kicked off on APR 15,  as a barometer and weathervane of China's foreign trade, Canton Fair  has accumulated rich market experience for the majority of enterprises.Due to the impact of the epidemic, this Canton Fair was moved to the Internet, which is bound to be a wonderful exhibition.

In the 131th Canton Fair, AHCOF uploaded hundreds of fabric exhibits covering children's wear, underwear, accessories, sports and casual wear, men's and women's clothes, raw materials and home textiles, where AHCOF  has shown the raising capability in global operation, smart manufacturing and new product development.  Numerous new products come to the stage featuring new fabrics, new designs, and manufacturing, dazzling the buyers' eyes. The complete industrial chain from spinning, weaving, dyeing to garment processing, has formed strong competitiveness which gain high praise! After "visiting" the exhibition hall and "walking into" the workshop, a buyer from the Middle East immediately sent an inquiry after watching the live broadcast of AHCOF. After in-depth communication with our colleague, the intended order of textile&fabric products of usd 100,000 was reached.

"Your product has a great price advantage!" A wholesaler from Pakistan told us. According to him, linen fabrics and linen home textiles as well as clean towels are very popular in its customer market. How to stand out in the homogenization of so many products, a preferential price is essential, AHCOF has been operating in the textile market for nearly 30 years. With a deep understanding of the market, AHCOF can always provide the most favorable price so that customers can obtain greater profits, which is also the secret of our success in the fabric market. At the same time, our company is not satisfied with the existing products, and constantly follow the fashion trend, both classic and trend, each product to the extreme, which is also the reason for our praise. "It's very convenient to do business with you," said a British customer who has been doing business with us for decades.

In this Canton Fair, many wholesalers and trading companies around the world are also attracted by our advantages above, and our fabrics are bound to continue to maintain a high export volume in the future.

Post time: May-12-2022